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We had two really great Indonish (Indonesian) meals at two different restaurants just around the corner from our hotel called rijsttafel which roughly translates to rice table and consists of rice and a bewildering number of small dishes of wonderous food to go over the rice. Our hotel was across the street from the Zoo and we could hear the lions exercising their lungs.

Most houses were not set apart from each other like this one that was across from the Rijksmuseum. There were also many diamond merchants in this area.
More houses along the canal across from the Rijksmuseum. Unfortunately the museum was mostly closed because they had found asbestos inside, but we went onto the Van Gogh museum and it was wonderful! I am now a total Van Gogh fan. Greg already was. My favorite Van Gogh was Vincent's Bedroom at Arles.
Notice that each house has an attached hoisting mechanism because the halls are so narrow it is the only way to move large furniture into upper stories.
A view down one of the canals. The inner part of the city is closed off to cars and only bikes, busses, and the tram go through.
A street that displays very "artsy" lamps. The tram is the blue and white vehicle that works on electrical overhead lines.
A large open plaza in Amsterdam, all cobblestones. While wandering around we happened upon the Bloementmarkt (Flower Market) that is a street with a row of barges permanently moored along Singel street.

Leaving Amsterdam from the Centraal Station to Schiphol Airport depart 10:40 a.m.to Paris-Charles DeGaulle Airport (arrive 11:55 a.m.; depart 1:20 p.m.) to SF Airport - arrive SF 3:35 p.m.


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